Get Started

Let’s get started and learn “how it works.”  After purchase, you will use one of our online questionnaires to create your custom estate planning legal document.  We developed each questionnaire specifically for the document you purchased.  The questionnaire will help you navigate the process of producing your custom estate planning legal document.  Upon completing the questionnaire, our system will produce your Will or other estate planning legal document.  Our mission is to help you produce documentation customized to your specific situation and designed to achieve your intentions.

Questionnaire Preparation

The questionnaires will ask you to provide details on a variety of subjects. To help you get started with this process during our site’s Beta-testing phase, we created Preparation Forms for each document.  In order to prevent any technical errors and headaches, we recommend that you download the form for your purchased document.  You may also download these forms before purchasing in order to review the types of information asked in the questionnaires.  It is important that you gather this information in order to efficiently create your selected estate planning legal document.  (For example, details of beneficiaries, charities, executors, guardians, etc.)

You may download the Preparation Forms here:

get started how it works

Our documents are robust, and the document system will produce a high-quality, customized product.  However, our website, which is separate from the document-producing system, is still under development and currently in its Beta-testing phase.  At this time, users cannot save their answers and continue later.  As a result, users must complete the questionnaire in one sitting.  If you close the tab or browser, you will have to start over.  We are working to improve this process and the overall site to aid our users.

Completing a questionnaire may take up to 30 minutes for documents such as Wills, depending on the complexity of your decisions.  Conversely, creating a Health Care Proxy and Living Will may take as little as 5-10 minutes, when prepared.  As such, we urge you to get started by gathering the information included in the downloadable Preparation Forms.  Doing so will allow you to easily and efficiently create your custom legal documents.

After purchasing, you may visit the automated questionnaire by clicking ‘View the Document’ from your Order through your Account page.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order or the process, please contact us at [email protected].