Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Customers about Orders and Checkout:

How do I execute my document?  Does Helix Wills provide execution instructions?

Yes, execution instructions are provided with every document.  Although we do not provide any legal advice, you may contact us if you have any questions regarding execution so that we may assist you.

I can’t find my purchased custom legal will documents. Where do I find the custom legal document I just purchased?

Go to My Account and select Orders from the side menu to find your custom legal documents.

How do I create and download my purchased custom legal document?

View your Order from your Account page, and click the ‘View the Document’ link.

Can I save my progress and revisit the questionnaire later?

At this time, no.  However, if you do not complete the questionnaire, you can start over and access it again at any time.  Nevertheless, if you close your questionnaire tab or your browser, you will have to start over.  We are currently in our Beta-testing phase.  As a result, we are currently working on technical improvements, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Therefore, if you have any errors or technical issues, please contact Helix Compliance Support, or email us at [email protected], as soon as possible.

What if I have an error with checkout, filling out the questionnaire, downloading, or another technical issue while using your site?

If you experience technical difficulties, contact Helix Compliance Support and describe the issue with as much detail as possible.  We are quick to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Customers about Helix Wills (Helix Compliance, LLC):

How can you make custom legal documents so inexpensive?

Helix Compliance leverages leading automation technology to efficiently prepare customizable legal documents. Our mission is to provide affordable access to high-quality legal documents to anyone, anywhere.

What kinds of documents does Helix Wills offer?

Helix Wills offers all estate planning documents. Some of our products are also offered on Laditum.com, a legal document platform that hosts a vast library of automated documents for business and personal needs. Visit our Products page to see the different documents we offer.

Is estate planning education accessible for free?

Yes. Customers may access our educational materials at no charge. Our mission is to offer free materials so customers can do their research and be well-informed regarding the estate planning terms, definitions, and documents prior to purchase. Visit our Learn page to learn more about estate planning.

Are you attorneys?

Yes. Please visit the About Us page to see Who We Are.

Do you provide legal advice?

No. Using this website, any Helix documents, and any information from this website, and consulting Helix personnel does not constitute legal advice in any way. For more information, please see our Important Legal Notices.

How do I know if the custom legal documents are good?

Every Helix Wills custom legal document was drafted by a high-qualified attorney and reviewed extensively by Helix Compliance attorneys. We are fully committed to transparency because we value customer satisfaction and providing credibility.  Thus, we are currently developing a quality rating system to help customers with their decision. If you have any further questions regarding document quality, please contact us at [email protected].

We update this FAQ page frequently, so please check back regularly for changes.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact Support if you have any questions or concerns.